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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Andrew Gregson (Andy)

Name: Andrew Charlie Gregson
Nickname: Andy, Drew
Profession: Actor/Model/Director
Date of birth: September, 1 1978
Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand
Nationality: Thai
Height: 6'
Star sign:
Blood type: O
Marital Status: Single

About Andrew

Sib Neung Peun Kun with ?? (Ch.3 1994)
Muer Mok Salai with Sarocha Watitapun (Tao) (Ch.7 1995)
Sohn Satarn with ?? (Ch.5 1996)
Hoop Kao Kin Kone with Ramona (Ch.7 1997)
Chong Warng La Wahng Fark Fah with ?? (Ch.3 1997)
Roy Ar Deet with ?? (Ch.7 1997)
Tongranee Nee Nee Krai Krawng 1998 with Pok Piyatida Woramusik (Ch.3 1998)
Grong Kiadtiyod with Claudia Chakrapan Na Ayudhya (Ch.3 1998)
Musaya (2000) with Bua Buachompoo Ford (Ch.7 2000)
Mai Meung (1999) with Benz Pornchita Na Songkhla (Ch.3 2000)
Luk Mai Klai Ton (2000) with Suvanant Kongying (Kob) (Ch. 7 2000)
Ruk Kerd Nai Tarad Sod (2001) with Aom Phiyada Akarasenee (Ch. 7 2001)
Tang Parn Kam Ma Thep(2001) with Janie Tienphosuwan (Ch. 3 2001)
12 Rasee with Pakramai Potranant (Tong) (Ch.3 2003)
Ruen Mai See Beige with Cherry Khemapsorn Sirisukha (Ch.3 2004)
Keui Ma Lee Gun with Benz Pornchita Na Songkhla (Ch.3 2004)
Sadut Ruk with Bua Buachompoo Ford (Ch.3 2006)
Game Loon Rak with Noon Sirapan Wattanajinda (Ch.3 2009)
Mongkut Saeng Jun with Rita Sririta Jensen (Ch.3 2009)
Kehas See Dang with Mint Natwara Wongwasana (Ch.3 2011)
Sai Roong with Susie Susira Nanna (Ch.3 Upcoming)
Bupae Sanaeha with Anne Thongprasom (Ch.3 Upcoming)

Kong Roi 501 Rin Dang (October 1993)
Bun Teuk Jark Look (Poo) Chai (July 1994)
Kong Roi 501: Teung Jai Ja Thack Thae Mye Thack Taew (March 1995)
Sa Thi Thack...Sood Kua Loak (January 1996)
Good Bye Summer Aur Hur...Term Diew (Early 1996)
MaiTee PuKun And SoiThee (November 1996)
Kone La Leuk Chart - The Remaker (May 2005)

Hanami (1991)
Milo (1992)
Sno Milk
Calvin Klein
12 Plus Cooling Powder
Tasto Chips: Salt & Sour Flavor (April 2003)
Tasto Chips Big New Piece (February 2004)
Tasto Chips: Stir Fried Curry Crab Flavor (April 2004)
Tasto Chips: Oriental Pepper Sauce Favor (February 2005)

Top Awards 2001 - Best Male Lead Actor from Tarng Parn Garma Tape
16th Annual Golden TV Award 2001 - Best Male Lead Actor from Ruk Kerd Nai Tha Lard Sod
Kom Chud Leuk Award 2 2004 - Most Popular Male Lead Actor from Reun Mai See Beige
Mekalah Award 2004 - Best Male Lead Actor in the Drama Genre from Reun Mai See Beige

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